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With so many things to be thankful for this year, I am happy to add The Brand Leadership Institute (BLI) to my list. What a great experience and what an honor to be asked to share with others my experience with this wonderful program!

First, I want to share a little bit about myself as you may be able to relate. I am an account executive with Boston Scientific Urology and Pelvic Health Division and have been in this role for over 9 years. My husband Paul and I have two children: Johnny (7) and Carolyn (4). Life in the Kahlert home is very busy balancing work and life. Every year I find it busier with kid’s activities and school. Like many moms, I often put myself last on the priority list.

Needless to say, I was beyond excited when I learned about this program. It came at a very important time for me as I was feeling defeated on how to do it all. How does one balance the demands of being a good mom, employee, and wife and manage your brand in today’s day and age? Is it even possible? One thing was clear; I lacked a focused plan with clarity and purpose to shift to new levels to achieve all of these goals and was overwhelmed with where to start. The BLI offered so many great tools and insight to take a leap and sign a pledge.

Here are my top three takeaways from the program:

  1. Sharpen Focus – I write daily “to do” lists for my professional and personal life with clarity and focus and start each day with a Positive Affirmation. Seems simple and obvious. Yet, this is something I didn’t always do and have found it to be effective in so many ways.  While driving home from work I say another Positive Affirmation and reaffirm what I have accomplished for the day and remind myself to “put the phone and computer away until the kids go to bed.” It may not happen every night, but I really try to most days.
  2. Performance – “Be so good, they can’t ignore you” This really struck a chord for me both professionally and personally. How do I stand up against my potential? The performance map and trackers are great tools that I incorporate into my weekly goal setting. Never settle. This I found to be very motivating and a great motto. Sometimes a change in mindset can really change your end state.
  3. Presence – Before The Brand Leadership Institute, I used a non-professional photo for my Linked In profile picture. I reached out to our family photographer and asked her if she could take some professional pictures, which I uploaded on my LinkedIn account. Define your image and don’t have a mismatch between your brand image and your current message.

I may not have tackled all of my goals, but I have a better plan of action and mindset than I did six months ago and for that, I am truly grateful!