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We are a new brand of leadership development empowering people to think, look and perform like champions everyday.

About Us

Velvet Suite is a breakthrough brand leadership firm specializing in human-centered solutions that elevate purpose, performance and profit. We unleash the champion within the next generation of diverse and daring leaders through a proven proprietary system that accelerates performance. We transform the world’s most influential companies and individuals in business and sports from the inside out.

What We Do

Velvet Suite unleashes greatness from within by turning leaders into champions. A champion is the best; a winner who performs at their highest level despite adversity. The Champion Leadership System™ is an unmatched 360-degree approach that builds resiliency for high-impact results for individuals, teams and companies. Our clients include corporations, sports leagues, executives, pro-athletes and more. The world’s most admired brands call on Velvet Suite because of our reputation as the authority on champion brand leadership.

Why Us?

Results First

We drive business value by transforming how people perform. Our clients are more connected and confident because they discover purpose at work. This creates a “social” effect where champions inspire others and raise the level of performance and productivity of the entire organization creating a growth engine of success.

Win Like A Champion

Every great athlete and every championship-level team has a coach and proven system to perform at a world-class level. Velvet Suite is the competitive advantage for both organizations and influential individuals who operate as an enterprise in business and sports. Our three-step champion leadership system is one of the most in demand brand development platforms for elite performers.

We Live In The Suite

We understand the pressure and responsibility of the spotlight. Authentic leadership requires more than title and talent. Unpredictable times demand a new skill-set for a brand new type of leader. Authenticity, vision, tenacity, identity and influence to shape the future are essential. We propel the best to discover and refine their leadership identity for greater confidence and performance.

It’s Personal

We believe leadership is a lifestyle. What you do daily determines who you become permanently. We take a 360-degree approach to developing champions through mind, body and business for total transformation. We customize engaging solutions for peak personal and professional performance.

Leaders Say...


54% say their company's purpose is not clearly conveyed to all employees.


68% do not think businesses do enough to instill a sense of meaningful purpose.


100% of our clients become MVPs by discovering their Mission, Vision and Purpose.

Meet the team

Hamilton Brown

Partnership Director

Hamilton Brown is the Partnership Director at Velvet Suite, Inc. He is a passionate business leader and an award winning brand builder who has over 15 years of experience in creating avid fans of experiential brands.

Angela Baroni Berzonsky

VP of Business Development

Angela Baroni Berzonsky is the VP of Business Development at Velvet Suite Inc. She is a multi-talented Senior-Level Sales Professional with over 15 years of experience stimulating new opportunities to generate success in all areas of business operations.


Charley Batch

Charlie Batch

Sports Business Development

Charlie is a two-time Super Bowl Champion and retired NFL Quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers. His leadership off the field is legendary. He is a sought-after mentor and advisor who is passionate about helping athletes discover their purpose and how to successfully transition to life after the game.

Melissa Dawn Simkins


Melissa is an industry-thought leader and pioneer in people brand leadership performance. She remains a trusted and highly sought-after “coach of champions” consulting the world’s leading companies and influential individuals.

Group Shot

Champion Network

Access Our Team of World Class Innovators

Our expansive network gives you access to the best resources and relationships customized to meet you and/or your company’s needs. These include concierge services in: image consultation, financial planning, fitness and wellness, reputation/crisis management, influential media relations, public speaking and more.

Awards & Recognition


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What Our Clients Are Saying

aq_block_1-Jorge Mesquita - Former Group President – New Business Creation and Innovation, Global Pet Care, P&G

"Melissa is extremely talented, a very strong leader and has the highest standards of professionalism as well as a deep personal integrity."
Jorge Mesquita - Former Group President – New Business Creation and Innovation, Global Pet Care, P&G
"Insightful, magnetic and relevant are a few words to describe Melissa's keynote speech on champion leadership at our national meeting. I highly recommend Velvet Suite to other leading Fortune 500 companies looking to drive growth through developing a culture of high performing leadership."
Troy A. Ellis – SVP, Conversion, Coca-Cola Refreshments
aq_block_1-Rita Mansini - Former SVP, Talent, Learning & Org Development, MSLGroup

"I’m delighted to find a training program that inspires employees personally and professionally to reach their next level of success."
Rita Mansini - Former SVP, Talent, Learning & Org Development, MSLGroup
aq_block_1-Troy Vincent - Executive Vice President, NFL Football Operations, NFL

"The smart and knowledgeable insight Velvet Suite offers to our players and coaches not only inspires participants to embrace preparation for full successful transition to the next stage of their professional lives, but it also illustrates the importance of being personally commitment to everything they do, in every aspect of life."
Troy Vincent - Executive Vice President, NFL Football Operations, NFL
aq_block_1-Kasim Reed - Mayor of Atlanta

"It is an honor to recognize Velvet Suite for developing the breakthrough brand concept of Powerpreneur, recognizing outstanding achievement in the city of Atlanta."
Kasim Reed - Mayor of Atlanta
aq_block_1-Suzanne Baragry - Sales Director, Boston Scientific

"Companies should choose Velvet Suite because we invest in our brands, we should take the same energy to invest in our people."
Suzanne Baragry - Sales Director, Boston Scientific
aq_block_1-Hill Harper - Actor, Author and Activist

"Velvet Suite is passionate about helping you live your purpose. They are committed to helping clients build brands of excellence."
Hill Harper - Actor, Author and Activist
aq_block_1-Noni Ellison Southall - Senior Counsel, Music Entertainment, Turner Broadcasting Network

"The Velvet Suite system helped our organization empower women leaders to become fully engaged and discover how to lead on the next level."
Noni Ellison Southall - Senior Counsel, Music Entertainment, Turner Broadcasting Network
aq_block_1-Oguchi Onyewu – USA National Team, World Cup Soccer Star

"Velvet Suite has helped me implement my global brand strategy. They helped to elevate my vision for life, beyond the game."
Oguchi Onyewu – USA National Team, World Cup Soccer Star
aq_block_1-Lloyd Jarrell - Director, Diversity & Inclusion, Home Depot

"The Champion Leadership system provides a practical framework to help our associates elevate their leadership on every level, everyday. Velvet Suite inspires, empowers and challenges you to be the best leader and gives you the tools to make it happen."
Lloyd Jarrell - Director, Diversity & Inclusion, Home Depot
aq_block_1-Kevin Carr - Vice President, Player Development, NBA

"The Velvet Suite approach provides practical strategies for our Team Player Development Directors to engage and assist our professional athletes on a day-to-day basis as they seek to grow, protect and manage their brand on and off the court."
Kevin Carr - Vice President, Player Development, NBA
"Velvet Suite offers access to influential partners and breakthrough ideas that deliver breakthrough content to engage and build tangible business results."
Todd Brown - Chief Revenue Officer, Johnson Publishing Company
"Velvet Suite helped us to address a critical business need around shifting our culture and build a growth engine for development. Their work is spectacular and we could not have done it without them."
Kedric George - Marketing Director, MillerCoors
aq_block_1-Steve Stoute - Founder & Chief Creative Officer, Translation Marketing

"Melissa and her team turn passion into action. They lead with intention and the track record speaks for itself."
Steve Stoute - Founder & Chief Creative Officer, Translation Marketing






  • Captivating speakers in business and sports
  • Champion leadership™ keynote
  • Access a network of dynamic speakers
  • Inspiring and relevant key message topics
  • Speaker procurement and negotiation



  • Diversity Programs And Experiences
  • Employee Leadership Platforms
  • Integrated Marketing Campaigns
  • Brand Architecture Design
  • Brand Identity Development
  • “Social Currency” And Content Strategy



  • Customized executive coaching
  • C-Suite transition coaching
  • Custom branding for influential leaders
  • Financial advisory services
  • Executive presence and image strategy



  • Engaging and inspiring live experiences
  • Event concept development
  • Content design
  • Event management and execution
  • Creative partnerships



  • Access to great partnerships
  • Attract opportunities through partnership
  • Custom brand concept design
  • Influential media exposure
  • Connect with extraordinary leaders



  • Customized curriculum design
  • Self-directed interactive learning
  • Exclusive viral videos and webinars
  • Breakthrough habit-training for leaders

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