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Velvet Suite is the only leadership innovation firm fueled by a purpose-driven personal brand as the catalyst to unleash human potential for individuals and organizations.

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For nearly two decades, we have been focused on our mission to transform the way people learn, live and lead — holistically through the power of personal brand. We are pioneers in this movement to unleash hidden potential through the power of purpose-driven leadership to brand a new era of work and well-being.

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What People are Saying

"We felt honored to be able to have Melissa keynote our virtual summit and learn from her vast experience. She came across as authoritative yet approachable and left us with concrete frameworks we could put into play immediately."
"What has been so amazing about the She-Suite Summit has been the range of speakers and topics and the breadth of people and energy. I never experienced it before. You couldn't capture it from afar or online; you have to be here to experience it."
"Velvet Suite provided a breakthrough partnership opportunity for Common. We are thankful for their influential network and commitment to our brand vision."
"The smart and knowledgeable insight Velvet Suite offers to our players and coaches not only inspires participants to embrace preparation for full successful transition to the next stage of their professional lives, but it also illustrates the importance of being personally committed to everything they do, in every aspect of life."
"Melissa is extremely talented, a very strong leader and has the highest standards of professionalism as well as a deep personal integrity."
"I'm delighted to find a training program that inspires employees personally and professionally to reach their next level of success."
"The Champion Leadership system provides a practical framework to help our associates elevate their leadership on every level, everyday. Velvet Suite inspires, empowers and challenges you to be the best leader and gives you the tools to make it happen."
"Velvet Suite is a catalyst for Lincoln Financial Group to drive innovative solutions to develop diverse talent across our organization. Melissa and her team bring proven personal brand leadership insights and impactful e-learning solutions to support our D&I; strategy."
"Velvet Suite is passionate about helping you live your purpose. They are committed to helping clients build brands of excellence."
"Companies should choose Velvet Suite because we invest in our brands, we should take the same energy to invest in our people.'"
"Velvet Suite has helped me implement my global brand strategy. They helped to elevate my vision for life, beyond the game."
"Melissa and her team turn passion into action. They lead with intention and the track record speaks for itself."
"The Velvet Suite system helped our organization empower women leaders to become fully engaged and discover how to lead on the next level."
"Insightful, magnetic and relevant are a few words to describe Melissa’s keynote speech at our national meeting. I highly recommend Velvet Suite to other leading Fortune 100 companies looking to drive growth through developing culture of high performing leadership."
"Without a doubt, Melissa is one of the most inspiring speakers we’ve had an opportunity to host. Melissa’s seminar, “Unleash the Power of Your Personal Brand,” and her M.V.P formula helped our teammates reflect on the hidden barriers that impact their confidence and hinder performance. The session was high energy and very powerful. Thank you, Melissa!"
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